Sex Education Should be Taught by Parents, not Schools

This source offers a third option to approaching sex education: having parents do it. It says that that’s how is used to be and talks about the problem with school based programs. A couple of the issues it lists are that these programs are too generic and kids are too young at times and that the programs go against traditional family values, such as not having a child out of wedlock.

I’m not sure if this would be a good source for me. One on hand, it does support a lot of what the abstinence-based education system argues for and provides a lot of the same arguments. On the other hand, offering a third option might distract from my point and the point that I am addressing, which is that abstinence based education does not work and that, at a certain point, kids need to be taught the basics about sex and puberty and all the important things.

Badertscher, EricGeier, Denise B. “Point: Sex Education Should Be Taught By Parents, Not Schools.” Points Of View: Sex Education In Schools (2013): 2. Points of View Reference Center. Web. 16 Oct. 2013.

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2 Responses to Sex Education Should be Taught by Parents, not Schools

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  2. The co-author, Denise B. Geier, EdD, has “twenty years of experience in the New Jersey public schools as a teacher, guidance counselor, and principal”. She got her doctorate from Rutgers University, and has written articles for many educational magazines. I found the main author, Eric Badertscher, on LinkedIn, where he has 85 connections and a very extensive and impressive resume.

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